Monday, February 20, 2012

Agony of My Soul

A void,
There is in my Heart
A chasm;
An abyss,
Is what I have fallen in.
Once strength
A virtue of mine,
Now vulnerable I find myself.
Though surrounded by lovers;
Chained by solitude
I am.
Always expecting me to be convivial
Yes that I am.
A fa├žade of beatitude,
I always wear,
To ensconce those scars
That I bear.
Fresh wounds,
Blood spewing out of them;
Emotions I have all drained out.
A carcass of my conscience
Is what all is left,
Yet of malevolence
I am bereft.
I am waiting to find my way out
Of this black hole,
To reborn,
To rejuvenate,
After the crucifixion of
Agony of my soul.

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