Friday, August 19, 2011

The Inner Feeling...

Heart is so fragile that even a glass seems strong in front of it...
However, when both break they hurt alot. While the latter takes my blood out the former takes my emotions out, and throws me in depth of despair. Throws me into an endless chasm where my soul searches vainly for peace and solitude.
This feeling itself makes me agnostic.
No longer am I an altruist, no longer am I noble, no longer do I love the beauty around me.
I am a Pariah now, ready to lead a solitary life. A life that no longer has room for others, a life where being dead and alive seems same.

But wasn’t I like this before? Wasn’t I a Pariah before too?
As i look back, I see my past enjoying a satanic laugh over me. As if saying that I was like this always...
My happiness was only pretence. That smile was fake, which I used to camouflage the real feeling inside me. That smile was like an aegis to me that helped me to conceal my emotions. As I think of it more and triggers an atrocious feeling inside me, and throws me back to that endless chasm.....

Chasm that makes my heart so fragile before which even a glass now seems strong......


  1. this is the best u have cm up with uptil nw..

  2. thanks a lot shivam for appreciating


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